Utilizing an Intraoral Camera in Our Dental Office

Utilizing an Intraoral Camera in Our Dental Office

Posted by Smiles of Midtown Dentistry in Midtown Houston TX Dec 02, 2022

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Besides utilizing standard dental tools, our dental office uses an intraoral camera to assist with better identifying, diagnosing, and illustrating a patient's needs. An intraoral digital camera supplies education to patients concerning dental hygiene including a magnified observation of their teeth from various angles that would usually be more difficult.

The intraoral camera supplies real-time impressions along with printed pictures of the mouth that reveal to the patient places that need work. Additionally, this gives patients the opportunity to ask questions and become part of the examination procedure. When we can target certain spots on the affected tooth or teeth that need treatment, patients have an informed idea of why thorough hygiene practices at home, including brushing techniques, are important. In addition, insurance companies are provided proof of required treatment.

Other benefits of using an intraoral dental camera include:

  • Enhancement to the dentist's vision for diagnosis
  • Extra magnification and lighting
  • Supplies images for analysis and crucial treatment
  • Improved and more precise documentation
  • Capacity to educate patients with sharp pictures
  • Utilizing the intraoral camera is efficient, fast, and effective.

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