Straight White Teeth: A Houston Dentist Near Me Weighs In

Straight White Teeth: A Houston Dentist Near Me Weighs In

Posted by Smiles of Midtown Dentistry in Midtown Houston TX Jan 26, 2023

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Throughout the years I've had the chance to hear what many patients feel and are going through.

Their thoughts and emotions about their dentist,  teeth and  most importantly about their smile. For example one patient described how having a smile with bad teeth led him to turning down a date during his teenage years because he was afraid his bad teeth would lead to a bad kiss and be ridiculed for it.  In many ways I understand his pain. It's no secret that having a bad smile can lead to bad life experiences.  Even worse, encountering a less than perfect dentist can have lasting negative consequences. It is because of this that we try to be the best dentist in Houston and a great Midtown dentist for every single patient.

As a whole, when patients have visible teeth problems they tend to have a negative self-image which in turn leads to a negative outlook on life. Luckily there are some things patients can do. Here we'll look at some of the issues surrounding having a bad smile.

Many Believe Teeth Can Indicate Social Status and Is a Predictor of Wealth

According to Malcolm Gladwell, "Those with bad teeth are also given a lower chance at success because they are denied certain entry level jobs." Furthermore, "the teeth thing and obesity problem are the same, they are symptoms."

Of those that come in, many of the patients who are having extra work done on their teeth are usually those in higher paying industries here in Houston. Or are those who have to spend a lot of time in front of a client. Examples include sales, CEO and executives, news reporters and so on. The kind of work being done on their teeth includes services like teeth whitening, veneers, and implants.

Having Bad Teeth Can Lead to a Low Self-Esteem

Many patients that come in, some with missing, discolored, or crowded teeth feel that their mouth keeps them from going to social situations. They purposely avoid interacting with people. They avoid going to any place where they think they have to talk, thus exposing their mouth to someone.  This means avoiding restaurants, stores to shop in and most importantly they avoid situations that could lead them to potential dates.

It is for this reason that we try to take into account every situation and realize how difficult it could be to pick up the phone and make an appointment with a houston dentist.  The first step is usually the hardest for many.

Truly the best dentist near me. They made me feel seen, heard and taken seriously. It really helped me, and I'm not at all nervous about going. They put that extra little effort into making patients feel safe and comfortable. Thank you."

by Victoria R.

Healthy Teeth Improves Health and Quality of Life

Here let's start with the common saying, "You are what you eat". Did you know that in early times most early humans never had bad teeth problems. It wasn't until the introduction of sugar that most started to see cavities for the first time. Common knowledge is, in order to have a healthy smile you should avoid eating lots of and avoid activities that can stain your teeth like smoking (easier said than done).

But if you want a higher quality of life you have to start with your teeth, meaning you have to watch what you consume. Healthy teeth means eating healthy foods, which leads to having a healthy body and mind.

In the end these issues cause a patient to avoid the dentist all together. But you should know this. If you are afraid to visit the dentist for any reason, try calling and getting information to make a decision. Don't let the cost or the information gathered overwhelm you, just get information.

Like the quote above, at our dental practice many enjoy the fact they feel like they are seen, that they are heard, and taken seriously. Many enjoy that we put a little extra effort into making patients feel safe and comfortable.

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