Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Restorations

Posted by Smiles of Midtown Dentistry in Midtown Houston TX Jan 06, 2023

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Dental Implants are becoming the popular choice when it comes to replacing a missing tooth or teeth, because of durability and predictability. Often, rather than perform root canals on questionable teeth, the treatment method of choice will be a dental implant.

Dental implants are strong and restore function where it once was lost. The example here shows a single tooth that has been replaced with an implant. The implant is placed and secured into the jaw and then the final restoration / crown is placed on the implant. The crown will be made to look and function like the other teeth. Many people forget that the dental implant has even been placed because dental implants not only look real, but they perform very well with daily routines of chewing and talking.

In this example, from left to right, you can see where the tooth was extracted, where the dental implant was placed, and then the final result with the crown. The dental crowns we are able to place atop dental implants are virtually undetectable. We are able to match the shade and luminosity of neighboring teeth, to help give the restoration a natural, cosmetic appeal. In many cases, the crown we place looks even better than the old tooth that was replaced, which helps to improve the smiles of our patients.

In cases where a patient has lost most, or all, of their teeth, we can have dental implants placed and implement an overdenture. Using dental implants and an overdenture removes the stress and worry of using glues to hold the dentures in place, and provides more of a fixed solution, rather than a removable one. Several patients have expressed how a burden was lifted once they received their implants and overdenture.

This last image is of a young woman who was born without her lateral incisors in her upper set of teeth. To make room for the dental implants, braces were used to create the space between the teeth that had drifted. Once the the teeth had enough solid space, dental implants were placed and the caps were placed to finish off the implants to look realistic and provide function that the girl had never experienced before. As you can see, it was a successful procedure and the result looks amazing.

If you have any questions about the dental treatment we provide at our Midtown, Houston (77004) dental office, feel free to call us at 713-523-6848. We look forward to serving your dental needs.

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